Cycle tour through the Leipziger Land - No.4

Finally the last part of my cycle tour. Unfortunately the day was very grey and rainy. The advantage: so all was quiet and silent. I watched a grey heron - and he watched at me.

On the way back it started raining ... it was pelting down with rain!

I was on the southern battlefield. It's situated between Wachau an Güldengossa - two very small and very old villages. A historic place!

The Battle of the Nations (on 16–19 October 1813) was fought by the coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden against the French army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon's army also contained Polish and Italian troops as well as Germans from the Confederation of the Rhine. The battle involved over 600,000 soldiers, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I.

Napoleon was defeated ... and the victors exiled him to Elba a Mediterranean island in Tuscany (Italy).



Saturday Picture Love

Okay, I just felt the need for a new special of this blog: Saturday Picture Love. From next Saturday on I will share with you links to pictures that I really loved. No new idea at all, Mark Sisson does share cool links every Sunday and does so occasionally too.

So here are links to the pictures that I really liked this week, random order:
They shoot film: rain forest
They shoot film: clouds
Our Li's pictures The first picture is just stunning

Now the reason for this, well, I thought you would want to know what I liked and not just find out when you find a comment of me under a blogpost that you liked too.

Summer at the Darßer Bodden


Details of my favourite workspace - Starbucks

Über den Dingen ist richtig, Robert. Es ist der Starbucks am Brühl in Leipzig, im ersten Obergeschoß. It's the Starbucks at the Brühl in Leipzig, first floor sitting area. And the whole picture in the right direction is next. :)

It took me a few tries to get it right. ;P

Happy Friday and then a magical and hopefully peaceful (Greece and Libya) weekend for everyone.


Details of my favourite workspace

So, where did I take this picture? Can you guess it?

Leipzigs Old Townhall - Arcades

This is the shop with the silverware, lot's of beautiful things, which make a girl dream (or gay men with the good and expensive taste).

By the way, I'll get a new "camera" today. My old cell phone (Motorola MOTO u9 and I LOVED it, old Trekkie that I am ;) broke a few weeks back and yesterday I succumbed and ordered a new one via Amazon. My new Samsung was shipped yesterday by Amazon Leipzig (funny, eh?) and should arrive today. Now all I need to do is buy a Micro SD Card (planned for next week) and I can provide all of us with new and some kind of lomographic pictures.

Chris, if you haven't found my weekly Paleojourney picture already, here is the link:
Bring your pictures (and lots of time) with you the next time you come to Leipzig and we scan them in at my parents place. Die Abzüge nicht die Negative.
Oh, good news, my friend A* agreed to check out Leipzigs Tango schools with me. This should be fun.


Cycle tour through the Leipziger Land - No.3

Have you ever seen a floating church? Here it is: Vineta

The name based on a legend. Vineta was a possibly legendary, splendid ancient town believed to have been on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The town sank in a storm tide because of the sinfulness and pomposity of its inhabitants. Before the sinking there were warning portents.

This church is a reminder of the village Magdeborn and the other 14 villages, which vanished in the open-cast mine Espenhain.

The complete building is anchored in the center of the lake, where the church of Magdeborn was located.

Sorry...i didn't get closer to Vineta - i was on a cycle tour, not on a boat trip ;)


Leipzig at Night series - university street in blue green


Something I don't eat anymore

The best chocolate cookies in the world, enjoyed most with milk. (Not everything was bad in the GDR, especially the sweets were good.) But since I don't eat grains anymore they are off my foodlist. Still, I enjoy this photograph immensely. It's from my sunlight session last year.


Ice shelf plus water mirror

It's freezing outside, but the sun shone from noon, so it was a fantastic Monday.

Have a magical week everyone!


Wasser in Markkleeberg

Obwohl wir nur ein kleines Flüsschen namens Pleiße haben, stand auch in
Markkleeberg Wasser wo es sonst keins gibt.
Die Wiese dient als Pferdeweide und liegt direkt an einem Sportplatz mit dem
dazugehörigenSportlerheim mit dem schönen Namen "Die Möncherei"

Selbst der Fischreiher war verwirrt und harrte geduldig an der großen
Wasseransammlung auf einer Kuhweide.

Nach 20 Minuten gab er dann doch auf.

Ein Hauch von Mangroven! Ein Waldstück unter Wasser.

Cycle tour through the Leipziger Land - No.2

Part 2 of my cycle tour. On the photo you can see the remains of the open-cast mining: a Bucket-wheel excavator (BWE) and the coal-fired power plant Lippendorf (still operating).

BWEs are among the largest vehicles ever constructed. They have been used in mining to move and mine massive amounts of overburden (waste). They have reached sizes as large as 96 meters (314.9 feet) tall, 225 meters (738.2 feet) long, and as heavy as 14,200 tons (31.3 million lb)! The bucket-wheel itself can be over 70 feet in diameter. The largest BWE ever constructed is TAKRAF's Bagger 293, which is capable of moving 240,000 cubic meters of overburden every day.

In the red circle is San, so you imagine the size difference. This photo (and the next) was taken last summer.

San again ... she marveled at the outstanding engineering.



At the Münster of Basel (Switzerland).

Happy Sunday everyone!


Pouring rain in Hawaii

This was actually in a breakfast restaurant near Waikiki Beach. When we got there it was raining and then it started pouring. So hard that one of the drip mouldings broke and half the place was "flooded". Luckily they didn't have any carpet.
Never would've guessed to see something like this on Hawaii. ;D
Happy Friday.


I'm not always kind...

I fear my cat Thommy hates me sometimes...


The "New" me

After a year with the same cut a new hairstyle was desperately needed. And I finally succeeded in finding pics of hairstyles that I liked to explain my wishes. Last year I didn't find them, so I bought Manga comics to explain (yes, I'm crazy like that) and I failed misserably. ;D

So essentially you could say it's an emo haircut with a hidden bob (for the job interviews and opera evenings) and short neck hair (I really hate it when the hair on my neck stands off due to the high collars I wear).

And here is how my new haircut looks:

Taken with Photo Booth.

I like my new haircut, now I just have to learn to do a proper eye make up. Luckily there are youtube tutorials on this. :D


Cycle tour through the Leipziger Land - No.1

Last week i visited my hometown Leipzig. Despite bad weather I've made a small cycle tour through the southern Leipziger Land. This region is also called Neuseenland (new-lakes-landscape). It's an old open-cast mine area, which is being converted into a small lake district. It will be finished approximately 2012.

It's a photo of the (new) Lake Störmthal - one of circa 15 new lakes. Final size: 730 hectare.

The extensive mining of brown coal formed the “old” cultivated landscape (agriculturally used area before the mining) with all its living spaces and gave it a new face. There was an empty obviously useless and desolate landscapes left.

Until a few years ago there were the cavities left by open-cast mining - today there is the Lake Cospuden with a new settlement.
The aim is the reclamation of this area for human beings, animals and plants. The efforts and changes of the last fifteen years to reach this aim are surely singular.

But!!! ...there are still open-cast mining in the southern Leipziger Land for which entire villages are excavated into oblivion!


Still wrapped, but the new light already shines through

I'm changing more and more. And that feels sooooo good. I suddenly prefer Dance and Rock music instead of singer/songwriter (the slow stuff like Colby Caillat, Josh Rouse and so on). Since yesterday evening I'm totally into Dance music and dance around my flat. I really had to pressure myself to put my iPod down, stop dancing and dress this morning!!! It took three serious commands to myself to make me do that. ;D

And what's more, I'll finally change my hairstyle, after one year of having roughly the same cut (unusually long time for me). It is time to move on and put something up to balance my dressy clothes.

So, this is how I look now/before (Monday morning to be exact):

taken with Mac Photo Booth, sorry for the relatively crappy quality

And the new me? You'll see tomorrow.


Freedom of choice

Suddenly I feel free. Last week I was feeling horrible, this week the world is full of possibilities.



today is Valentine's Day

Enjoy the day of love!

My boyfriend made me a special present. Thank you so much!

A new tradition in Munich:
Sweethearts affix a "Love padlock" to a railing of a Isar bridge to symbolize their love. First locking a padlock and then throwing away the key into the Isar river. The padlocks will hang there forever - i hope.

On the padlocks are the names of the lovers or even important dates - engraved or written with a permanent marker.

Our Love padlock is attached to the Wittelsbacher Bridge. Isn't it a lovingly tradition? I've found out that the Love padlock custom is practised all over the world! The origin is unclear.


Big Island - *happy sigh*

On our way to Mauna Kea we stopped here. Isn't island truly amazing?! I really would like to go back there! Have a fantastic new week everyone.



only 2 days until Valentine's Day

Two young lovers at the Isar River.

I know, the photo is very romantic and kitschy, but according to the theme ;)



Back on my Way

Ahh, the beauty of this picture and it means a lot to me. I'm back on my way after a paradigm shift in those last three days. Happy Friday everyone!

only 3 days until Valentine's Day

Munich is full of love...



only 4 days until Valentine's Day

Don't forget a present for your sweetheart. The most beautiful and precious gift for me? I don't know. It has to come from heart!



Liebe San...

ich freue mich schon auf eine (?) Fototour mit Dir!!! Dann hat André mal Pause.

My boyfriend and I while visiting the Jewish Museum Munich. If you want to know more, take a peek at the site of

Leipzig - ich komme!!!


First messenger of Spring

Sadly the Autofocus didn't work right. Oh well. It's nice enough.



It's a sunny day in Leipzig and even warm (5°C). Life is a beautiful adventure! So I embrace the challenges and move forward to my goals and dreams. I just got another challenge this morning, but I'm making progress.

Have a magical week everyone.


Peace Tanks for Egypt

If I could, I would send peace tanks to Egypt. I regret that violence prevails. I hope the Egyptians will find their way. The resignation of Mubarak/ or his ouster is only the beginning of an uncertain future. Who knows what this political change will bring and how this new situation in North Africa will influence nations in various parts of the world. I hope the best!

And now a few lines from the song "Friedenspanzer"/ "Peace Tank". The song was written by "Die Ärzte" from the album: "Die Bestie in Menschengestalt" (1993).


Die Tagesschau ist nicht mein Fall
nichts als Mord und Massensterben überall
Die Hunde des Krieges wieder losgelassen
Wenn Schwestern und Brüder sich wieder hassen
Wenn Bomben fallen, Terror regiert
und der Mensch im Allgemeinen zum Hass tendiert
Das was mir dazu einfällt für die Rettung dieser Welt
Er schiesst Liebe in dein Herz
bringt den Frieden ohne Schmerz

"Peace Tank"

The news is not my cup of tea

Wherever you look only murder and mass of deaths
the dogs of war are unchained again
when sisters and brothers hate each other again

when bombs are fallin' - terror rules
and man generally tends to hatred
what occurs to me for the rescue of this world is

a peace tank
it will shoot love into your heart
it will keep peace without pain
a peace tank ...

(found at; translated by Mauler)



Munich is colorful

It's winter and Munich is monochrome...but inside Munich is colorful!

Light installation by Dan Flavin (N.Y. 1933 - Riverhead 1996). Untitled (to you, Hainer, with admiration and affection, 1973). Exhibited at the Pinakothek der Moderne.

München Marienplatz station: U-Bahn level with extension tunnel.
München Marienplatz is an important stop on the Munich S-Bahn and U-Bahn network, located under the square of the same name in Munich's city centre. The station is one of the most frequently used stations in the network, with more than 30,000 passengers using it per hour. Designed by Alexander von Branca.

green vs. orange - what's your favorite?


Baltic sand

MMh, I tried to get a bit artsy here.