It's been a long time. I know. Well, the new job, a broken MacBook, moving to a new city and testing different cameras (Nikon D90 lost the duel to the Canon EOS 600D ;-) took its toll. However I'm now back to my art (full of ideas, so you better beware), even though it has to share time and space with my full-time job (I love being an engineer).


home sweet home

My home is my bookstore in Ueckermünde (Germany). 

I love the calm  and the tender loving care.

P.S. Please leave your dog outside!



Big News

Entrance to the Karlsruhe Zoo (No, this is not my new work place!)

As you might have realized this blog has been relatively quiet. However I have a very, very, very good reason for it:

I will move to Karlsruhe at the end of June, because on July 2nd I will start in my new job, which is THE job at THE organization. Naturally I'm really excited about this opportunity, this change.

So right now I'm quite busy with wrapping up projects here in Leipzig and preparing for the move. I still have to find a room for the first three months, but I don't consider it a challenge since the summer holidays come up and a lot of the students will sublet their rooms.

Karlsruhe is a beautiful city in my opinion and has a good size. Throughout the last three years I've visited a lot of german cities and most of them I found pretty ugly and I wouldn't want to work or live there, like the Ruhrpott (Yes, it's more than one city, I know that.) or Berlin.

My personal Top 5 of german cities worth living in:

1. Stralsund
2. Leipzig
3. Dresden
4. Potsdam
5. Karlsruhe

Anyway, I've got a busy afternoon ahead of me.

Have a great week everyone.


Urban Art - Walking Up

Is this art or a joke? Personally I found it hilarious.

Enjoy your Monday and have a great new week.


Cinderella's Castle - Barockschloss Moritzburg

My favourite Cinderella-movie is "Three Wishes for Cinderella" and part of it was shot at Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony. I have to admit that I'm becoming more and more fond of the baroque style.


Tille Tubby Land 2.0 at Leipzigs Distillery

Thursdays in the garden of the Distillery: music, creative discussions, playing boardgames and just hanging out together. With fabulous lighting. I totally enjoyed being there this Thursday evening.

Pictures of the Präsentierteller I'll publish soon, just have to decide which. And then write the post. But for now the weather is awesome in LE and there is an open weekend at the Spinnerei and Tapetenwerk, which I don't want to miss.

I hope you all can enjoy a beautiful weekend too.


Club "Kreatives Leipzig eV"

As I had already told you way back in November 2011 I've become a member of the club "Kreatives Leipzig e.V.". Which was founded in 2010 to support and connect the people working in Leipzigs creative industries.

So, my goal was always to be more than just a member who pays her membership fee. And I'm proud to announce, since last Wednesday:

I'm an event photographer for the club.

One of four to be exact. After all I can't cover all the events alone, now can I?! Anyway, I'm really proud on being this.

My first official assignment will be the LE FOKUS next Monday at the Distillery.

However, since there was a book discussion on Thursday concerning the clubs book about “Zustand und Zukunft krea­ti­ver Arbeit in Leip­zig – LE Klub Ana­log” I went there and took the first pictures. Great book by the way. 

My life is truly gaining traction and I love it. Tonight I will attend my watercolor class, tomorrow I have an exceptionally full calendar first a fair in Dresden and in the evening I'll meet some creative Ladies.  And Wednesday...


Street Festival at the "Kö" in Leipzig on June 1st

The "Kö" is the Könneritzstreet in Leipzig's west and there will be a street festival at the afternoon of June 1st this year. The big news:

I will take part with a stall and offering my (printed) postcard-sets, ornamental drawings and photographies there!

Exciting, eh? Well at least it is for me. And there'll be a whole lot of work during the next few weeks. I'll have to draw a lot and decide which drawings and photos to print, etc.

Enjoy your weekend!


Sunny white flower

Happy Easter to all of you.

(If you celebrate Easter, if not: Have a great weekend.)


LE Plagwitz - Murals

Leipzigs Plagwitz neighborhood is becoming the place for artists. And even I am pondering the possibility to move there. These murals are on two sides of an industrial building.

Plagwitz contains a lot of old industrial buildings (the Spinnerei is THE place for artists in Leipzig) which are turned into living and working spaces. I think I would love to live there.


Sunny days are here again


I took this pic on Leipzig's North Cemetery last August.

Have a great new week.



Postcard 17/366

For years I've been searching for the right word for these doodles that I do. During the last year the name search became even more pressing. Since yesterday an epiphany grew within me and finally revealed itself half an hour ago:

these are ornaments.

Finally I have the correct term for them! You can't imagine how elated I am about this.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I certainly will, we've got fabulous weather and I'm brimming with ideas for San's Visual Art.


Beautiful administration buildings

are possible. As you can see in this case. The administration of Leipzigs North Cemetery.

Have a great new week everyone.



Parking the sleigh at a lantern next to the sledding hill. Genius. I wouldn't have come with this.

Enjoy your weekend.


subway station: Münchner Freiheit

This subway station has a extraordinary design.
The ceiling is mirrored and the blue pillars are illuminated.



Munich Security Conference

Today was the second day of the Munich Security Conference that is held in the Hotel "Bayerischer Hof". It's the most important conference of its kind worldwide.

At the same time on the Marienplatz and freezing temperatures:
a demonstration against this conference and warmongering and for disarmament and peace.

About 2000 people were taking part in this demonstration and about 3100 policemen guarded them. Fortunately the demonstration was peaceful... only minor incidents.

Each and every one of us have to make a stronger commitment.