Leipzig street art - Yarn bombing in the city

As promised more street art and yarn bombing from Leipzig. Enjoy your weekend everyone. I'll enjoy mine with work tomorrow and the Designers Open on Sunday. Luckily Monday is a holiday. ;-) Time to rest.


Yarn Bombing at the Neusiedler Lake, Austria - Strickgraffiti

This was the first time I encountered this in real life. I had seen some of this in the Photodiarist blog before. There are Yarn Bombers in Leipzig too and I will show you some pics of Leipzig soon. I found those yarn bombings in Leipzig only after I had seen those in Austria.

Anyway, more on this topic here:

I think this yarn bombing is a fabulous idea.

Are there some yarn bombers where you live? If so want to share some pictures? Post them on your blog, comment here and I'll link to your post.


Leipzig street art - Karl-Heine-Boulevard (Straße)

I took this picture on 2nd July during a street festival on the Karl-Heine-Street or as the organisers called it: the Karl-Heine-Boulevard. In any case Chris and I had a fantastic time on that Saturday. When we waited in line for our Rostbratwurst, which was barbecued by a really, really, really cute guy I saw this picture on the wall and had to photograph it. Or did Chris tell me to take the picture? I don't remember anymore and it doesn't really matter anyway. So there you have it, some street art from Leipzigs streets and the best is, there is more to come.  ;-)


First traces of winter

The current temperature in Leipzig is 0°C or 32°F. However on the first glance outside you'd think it is warm with the sun shining brilliantly and the green woods and the moon (first pic). The second glance reveals that it is really cold: hoarfrost. Brrr, Baby it's getting cold outside. However looking again, on third glance you realize it is still a really beautiful day.

In any case seeing this hoarfrost and feeling the cold when I ventilated my studio, made me switch my wardrobe from summer to winter. Getting out my sweaters and stuff. And I even slept with my thick planket this night. Which was nice and comfy. Last but not least I turned on the heating.

What are you doing this weekend?

Mine is chock-full with things to do. One very important thing is recovery time for my muscles. Meaning I will eat a lot of fish, do some yoga, trink tons of magnesium and use other muscles than the ones I need to walk. Meaning I will use my bike instead of walking or using the bus. I will also take some pictures* at another nice graveyard in Leipzig, I've been planning to do so for months now. But I think tomorrow would be fantastic to do so. In any case there is some creative** and Starbucks time planned too.

Make your weekend magical.

* Lomographic and digital, there is still a nearly filled film in my Lomo with pics from my Austria vacation...
** read: drawing time


Shadows in the night

I love shadows. And when I came upon these shadows of a carpark tree I had to take these pictures. I turned up the brightness or is it luminosity as much as I could, but this is all I get and the reason why I want a digital SLR camera. Hope you like them anyway.

Have a great rest of the week.


A prickly matter

Quite a good way to stop burglars, don't you think?! Seen it in Rust, Austria. Initially I took this picture for my Grandpa, he loves cacti. But I think it's nice for this blog too. ;)

This afternoon I will finally scan the 3 films from my Austrian vacation. So there will eventually be some lomographies from Austria on this blog. *relieved sigh*

In any case I wish everyone a fantastic Sunday and an even better new week. 

Cross your fingers for Chris and me, will you? She's having an important test tomorrow and I'm starting out in my new training routine, ahh, job I mean. *snicker*


Thank you Steve!

I think I can safely speak for Chris and me, that we are truly grateful to Steve Jobs and his amazing work. Chris and I are both Mac-Users. We love our Macs and wouldn't want to switch as they are such amazing tools.

Thank you Steve, you will be missed.


21 years of FREEDOM, 22 years since the Pan-European Picnic

Today is a very special day for us Germans. We celebrate the 21st Anniversary of our reunion. 21 years of freedom, that's more than half of my life. ;-)

I celebrate this day with sending out postcrossing cards all over the world (to Taiwan, Russia, Brazil and the UK to just name a few of the countries) just because I have the freedom to do so. And with posting this picture of the memorial place of the Pan-European Picnic at the border between Austria and Hungary. I've been to this place just a few days ago and it definitely moved me. I'm really grateful for the freedom that I enjoy now. The freedom to study what I want to study, the freedom to travel wherever I want to go to and to read whatever I want to read, the freedom to speak my mind, the freedom to be me and to live unharmed.

Even today, this freedom can't be taken for granted. There are still many countries in this world where this is still not possible. And I hope for the people in those countries that they will find the strength to fight peacefully (if possible) for their rights and succeed in it and become free people. We've seen tremendous changes this year with the Arab Spring. I'm really happy for the people who are now free and I cross my fingers for them to make the ongoing changes for the better in their countries peacefully.



Pumpkin time in Rust, Austria

Let me introduce you to a nice little town at a big flat lake in Austria and Hungary, the town is called Rust. It is really beautiful, has great coffee and wine places (with great coffee and selfmade wine), several galleries and studios and in September and October there are huge amounts of pumpkins and Sturm*.

* literal translation is storm. It's a wine that is still in its fermentation process and tastes fantastic.