Cycle tour through the Leipziger Land - No.3

Have you ever seen a floating church? Here it is: Vineta

The name based on a legend. Vineta was a possibly legendary, splendid ancient town believed to have been on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The town sank in a storm tide because of the sinfulness and pomposity of its inhabitants. Before the sinking there were warning portents.

This church is a reminder of the village Magdeborn and the other 14 villages, which vanished in the open-cast mine Espenhain.

The complete building is anchored in the center of the lake, where the church of Magdeborn was located.

Sorry...i didn't get closer to Vineta - i was on a cycle tour, not on a boat trip ;)



  1. very impressive... bright idea to mark the place of the old church...
    ...when heritage matters...

  2. Beeindruckend !

    Macht es schwer etwas intelligentes zu schreiben. Läßt auf jeden Fall das Leben schrumpfen, auf die echte, wichtige Größe.

    daily athens

  3. Una historia y unas fotos impresionantes. Buen blog!