Saturday Picture Love

Okay, I just felt the need for a new special of this blog: Saturday Picture Love. From next Saturday on I will share with you links to pictures that I really loved. No new idea at all, Mark Sisson does share cool links every Sunday and does so occasionally too.

So here are links to the pictures that I really liked this week, random order:
They shoot film: rain forest
They shoot film: clouds
Our Li's pictures The first picture is just stunning

Now the reason for this, well, I thought you would want to know what I liked and not just find out when you find a comment of me under a blogpost that you liked too.


  1. Schon gelesen? 2011 findet kein F/Stop statt...kein Geld :(
    Kannst Du mir vielleicht in einer kurzen mail erklären wie ich den link zu einem bestimmten Foto in den post einfü es so einfach wie ich mir vorstelle? Das ist übrigens eine sehr interessante Serie! Das Bild mit der Glaskugel ist so einfach wie genial!
    Ich hoffe Dir geht's gut.

    Lg Chris

  2. Thank you so much for your support!