Leipzigs Old Townhall - Arcades

This is the shop with the silverware, lot's of beautiful things, which make a girl dream (or gay men with the good and expensive taste).

By the way, I'll get a new "camera" today. My old cell phone (Motorola MOTO u9 and I LOVED it, old Trekkie that I am ;) broke a few weeks back and yesterday I succumbed and ordered a new one via Amazon. My new Samsung was shipped yesterday by Amazon Leipzig (funny, eh?) and should arrive today. Now all I need to do is buy a Micro SD Card (planned for next week) and I can provide all of us with new and some kind of lomographic pictures.

Chris, if you haven't found my weekly Paleojourney picture already, here is the link:
Bring your pictures (and lots of time) with you the next time you come to Leipzig and we scan them in at my parents place. Die Abzüge nicht die Negative.
Oh, good news, my friend A* agreed to check out Leipzigs Tango schools with me. This should be fun.

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