LE Plagwitz - Murals

Leipzigs Plagwitz neighborhood is becoming the place for artists. And even I am pondering the possibility to move there. These murals are on two sides of an industrial building.

Plagwitz contains a lot of old industrial buildings (the Spinnerei is THE place for artists in Leipzig) which are turned into living and working spaces. I think I would love to live there.


Sunny days are here again


I took this pic on Leipzig's North Cemetery last August.

Have a great new week.



Postcard 17/366

For years I've been searching for the right word for these doodles that I do. During the last year the name search became even more pressing. Since yesterday an epiphany grew within me and finally revealed itself half an hour ago:

these are ornaments.

Finally I have the correct term for them! You can't imagine how elated I am about this.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I certainly will, we've got fabulous weather and I'm brimming with ideas for San's Visual Art.


Beautiful administration buildings

are possible. As you can see in this case. The administration of Leipzigs North Cemetery.

Have a great new week everyone.