Parking the sleigh at a lantern next to the sledding hill. Genius. I wouldn't have come with this.

Enjoy your weekend.


subway station: Münchner Freiheit

This subway station has a extraordinary design.
The ceiling is mirrored and the blue pillars are illuminated.



Munich Security Conference

Today was the second day of the Munich Security Conference that is held in the Hotel "Bayerischer Hof". It's the most important conference of its kind worldwide.

At the same time on the Marienplatz and freezing temperatures:
a demonstration against this conference and warmongering and for disarmament and peace.

About 2000 people were taking part in this demonstration and about 3100 policemen guarded them. Fortunately the demonstration was peaceful... only minor incidents.

Each and every one of us have to make a stronger commitment.



Stunningly out of Focus

These two pictures are from Thursday, it was really cold but it felt a lot like spring and those snowdrops seemed to prove it. Two days later we've had the first snow this winter that stayed. Even today we've got the blanket of snow.

I used the fantastic weather to actually get a bit of fresh air in and went for two walks. Both with exploring and photographing it was a fantastic day.

Happy Memories for Chris and Moi: 8th post - Detail of Nietzsches Church

Since Chris asked me to post a few more Leipzig photos this week because she is so homesick for Leipzig, I created this post series for her. I hope this comforts you a bit.

Another shot from our trip to Röcken. This is a detail shot of one of the churches windows. As I said it was a Sunday with perfect conditions for photography.