A hint of colour

On some days I just need colour. For days like this I have my turquoise Doc Martens. Unfortunately I prefer lighter and more ladylike shoes now. Oh well...


Mirrored boathouses

Sundays are there to relax. For me that means: Starbucks. Drinking a nice Café Latte, watching people stroll by and thinking about life. What also helps me to relax are pictures like this. The port of Prerow on the Darss. Life can be so easy. I hope you'll have an easy and relaxing Sunday too.  


It's flowing, finally

My life that is. My job is fantastic though a bit taxing at the moment.  I'm finally back in training (started with Iyengar yoga 1 1/2 weeks ago and will start with swim training in September). I can afford to go to Starbucks whenever I feel like it, my flat is in a state that I can actually invite people without 3hours of cleaning beforehand and I'm positive that I will have a nice partner pretty soon. It's all in the flow now. Thanks dear Universe.

Hope all of you are well too.