Happy Holidays to everyone!

We wish all of you a wonderful christmas, Hanukka, weekend or whatever it is that you are celebrating. Enjoy some peaceful days with your loved ones, have fun and calm and celebrations.

Honolulu December 2008


Christmas market in Munich

My daily view over the Marienplatz in Munich with the Christkindl' market.
I hope you also enjoy the time before Christmas!


I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

Since yesterday afternoon it looks promising!



Leipzig Street Art - Snail Mail

Oh how I wish that I had had this idea. However, I didn't, I just took the picture of it for your amusement.

Have a great weekend.



A double exposure. The striations are from the scan of the positive, I think they give this picture a very special edge. At first I was annoyed when I saw this jpg, but now... It is really funny but I really like trick photographies much better than the normal ones.

Since it is December 1st, I've opened the first door to my christmas calendar. I've found a drum. What did you find?