Sickness + Vacation + Wiesn = Bloggers Silence

Apologies for those two weeks of silence, but as the title states Chris and I had several reasons for our no-show on this very blog.

I've been on vacation for almost 2 weeks without computer* and as I got back I had to battle my cold**. Chris first was on vacation (in Leipzig when I was away, it was planned in another way but... life kinda interfered with our plans... well, my plans anyway) and then the madness called "Wiesn" or "Oktoberfest" started in Munich, so...

This pic was taken at the beach of the Darss in March this year. I will publish pictures of my vacation in Austria here soon.

That's it for today. Hope all of you are well and wishing you a wonderful day/week.

** Still am sick, but it's getting better.


The evening before my 34th Birthday

was yesterday evening and I took this picture just after I met with my friend K for a nice little chat and laying my Tarot for the next year. And guess what my future looks bright. Just as I thought and feel these days. Especially since I'm going on vacation tomorrow.  XD

Right now I'm sitting at my Starbucks, where I enjoyed todays breakfast consisting of  a grande Café Latte and nougat waffles (got them on a different place, pssst, don't tell anyone). This is an unusual breakfast for me, since I don't normally eat any kind of grains or sweets. Thing is I'm feeling slightly sick because of this breakfast. No more nougat waffles for me from now on. 
I also called my friend L, who send me my first birthday present this year, a tea set made of several different teas, a tea box, some rock candy, honey and the best an authentic japanese tea bowl. I am soooo happy about this bowl. (Don't I have the best friends ever?) Now I just need a japanese teapot to go with it. From my friend K I'll get a gift certificate for a local artist supply and from my friend A I'll get Rick Riordan books. Awesome isn't it? There are still some surprising presents coming up, for example from Chris. XD


New terrain

New terrain, without a prewalked path. So much more exciting and interesting than the paved roads most people take these days. I might be slower, take detours, stumble, fall flat on my face, but it is my own way. MY VERY OWN LIFE. I want to see and experience different things. I don't want to do what most people do. Sometimes I tend to forget this, I get caught up in the lifeplan of a different, a usual person. And then comes a wakeup call and I'm reminded that I have my own mind, my own way of thinking and living and that I should stay true to myself. I got this call on Friday.
These last weeks I lived the life of a different person. I told myself that I'm fine, that everything is fantastic. I succeeded in making myself believe that it was the right thing for me. Looking back now, I know it wasn't. I got caught up in a different persons life. Now I'm back to finding my own way. Taking it slowly, step by step, hour by hour, day by day and feeling like myself again.
Thanks dear Universe.


Room with a view - Oldenburg

This was the view from my hotel room in Oldenburg. It looks like it's going to be a nice day weatherwise, but unfortunately clouds rolled in and so it rained and was grey for the rest of the day. 

However Oldenburg is a really nice city and definitely worth a visit.


One year ago... Can you believe it?

I took this pic on one of our Sunday bike tours. It's hard to believe that this was one year ago.

Is there something, that you can hardly believe was one year ago?


Engineers Photographic Playground - Series 2 - Finally available in my shop

Great news*: I finally have decided which pictures I will sell on my shop in what way. It's this very series. Because it is unusual and shows off my approach to photography in general and lomography in particular. What do you think? The right choice?

Enjoy your Sunday, I certainly do (sitting in my local Starbucks and sipping Café Latte).

*at least from my point of view. It took me four months to decide upon the pics. Gee, sometimes I just think to much.


Perfect Saturday Afternoon

Strolling through Sanssouci Park and listening to the birds or some smooth music.  Pure bliss, I wish you all a weekend made of this.