Take a time-out

Weekend is there to relax, so just do so. Have a great weekend everyone!



Madonna and Child are hidden in a crevice.

photographed at the English Garden in Munich.





No special effects

But sometimes even I have luck with my Nikon F90 and get crazy stuff like this. Ha. Have a great new week everyone. Please enjoy life to its fullest.


Our thoughts are with the Norwegians

We are seriously shocked from the news from Norway. Our hearts are with the Norwegians in this hard time.


Just a few more days

and Chris will be back in Leipzig. So maybe, we get to this place again. Have a sensational Friday and relaxing weekend.


Work takes its toll

Yes we are slacking, thing is I started working again two weeks ago. So when I get home I don't really want to see my MacBook anymore. 

However I still wish you a wonderful new week. 

This is the church in Wolkenburg. I just love my lomo fisheye, such cool picture without much work.


The open gate

This gate opens to a path. The house in the backgound is on another lot of land.


2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang - Congratulations!

It was a thrilling decision on Wednesday - and the winner is Pyeonchang!
I think the South Koreans derserved to win.

What a shame for Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. They made preparation for a great festival on the town hall square.

The town hall was decorated with Munich's application for Olympics flags.

Many reporters and television crews were on site.

Representing the politics our Federal Minister of Transport Mr. Ramsauer was present. He delivered an invigorating speech. He is a true Bavarian :)

The ambiance was exuberant and hopeful.

Shortly before the decision there was a tense calm.

When the decision was announced everyone was bitterly disappointed.

We don't be down with the mouth!
We believe in an old proverb:
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."


Man vs. nature 0:1

This is the trainstation of Wolkenburg. Last train stopped years ago.

Have a great new week everyone!


Beige and blue

March on the Darss. No fresh green grass has appeared yet. It might look warm but it was freezing. It's currently freezing in Leipzig too. 12°C or 53°F in July, what a bad joke.

Have a great new week and brave the weird weather.