Blue skys

I wish all of you a magical new week. Make the best of it.


Hallo, ich bin nun die 3. im Bunde. Ich bin im Herzen und mit Nebenwohnsitz Markkleebergerin, wohne hauptsächlich aber in Leipzig. Markkleeberg ist eine kleine, etwas verschlafene Stadt vor Leipzig, hat aber neben 23 000 Einwohnern eine Menge zu bieten. Vorstellen möchte ich auch zwei kleine fellige Leipziger namens Luise und Iwan und Knut, einen größeren felligen Markkleeberger. Das ist ein erster kleiner Eindruck von mir. Freue mich auf weitere Posts.

Danke Euch beiden für die Einladung :)

Some nice memories

Chris while taking pictures on one of our Sunday tours.




Leipzig at Night series - university street

*Sigh* I just love my Lomo Fisheye, it's the only camera with which you get such cool effects, without even trying for it.

I took this on one of our night photo hunts. Happy memories. Maybe I should come to Munich soon and then we go on a night photo hunt. Would that cure your homesickness Chris? If not, tell me what I can do for you. Steht inzwischen dein Name am Briefkasten?

Happy Weekend.


New team member

May I introduce you to my new pet: Mashimaro. It's a korean rabbit and serves as my goal reminder since yesterday afternoon.Wonder what my goals are? Learning Japanese and live for at least a year in Japan. And go on vacation to South Korea.


Winter in Munich - Nr. 3

... or a river reborn.

The motto of this unique and exciting project is “New Life for the Isar”. The Isar Plan is a plan for the renaturation of a once wild alpine river in a million city

Sand and gravel banks have already appeared, providing new habitats for plants and wildlife.

Whatever the weather - they work hard. The inhabitants of Munich are curious about the "new look". At the same time they are impressed by the size of the construction vehicles.

I'm looking forward how the Isar will looks in one or two years.


Since I couldn't sleep an early Mauna Kea picture


Looking over the clouds

From Mauna Kea. This little trip to the Mauna Kea Observatories was definitely the best part of the whole Hawaii vacation.

During my masters course I will go for another big trip with the school, it will either be Brazil or China. Since we can take off on our own after the company visits, I plan to take the trip to China, because I really want to see South Korea and Japan. After all I want to learn Japanese, I already have tons of podcasts and a dictionnary for it. I think I will start with a class at the adult education center in Autumn.


Munich street art - Nr. 1

Photographed near "Münchner Freiheit". It's a square in Munich's Schwabing, near the English Garden.


Sky over Waikiki

Since the winter is back in Leipzig and it is dark and grey, but my mood is fantastic since I finally have a job and the start is getting nearer and nearer, let's get back to Hawaii. This pic I took one evening from our balcony in our hotel room on Waikiki Beach, no photoshopping. Waikiki is overrated, I prefer Big Island, but you already know that, don't you?

Ouhh, look who is chatty today. Seems my mood is majorly improved. *grin*


Winter in Leipzig - Nr. 4

Winter is back in Leipzig. Photographed at the Markkleeberger See (Lake Markkleeberg) during our sunday morning walk. San was very very tired - she isn't always an early bird :)



A new way

Yep, got the important message and it was a YES, to say I'm excited would be an understatement. So the next weeks will be packed with preparations and then I move and you will enjoy new pictures of Germany.

Hope your weekend was nice and you have a good start into the next week.


Two happy campers

Chris is in Leipzig, yeah.

We've had a nice chat yesterday evening and decided about some blog things. Biggest news: Li has created her google account and I sent her the blog invitation yesterday, so there will be an interesting new perspective soon. We've also decided that from now on there will be 3 pics max per post, as you see I've put the new "rule" right to work.

I'm supposed to get a super important message today, which might lead to a move and therefore new interesting pictures from another big city in Germany. We'll see if I'm stuck in beautiful Leipzig for longer or if I leave for ugly but rich ... at the end of February. In any case I've got lots to do, first I'll have to see my doc.


spring in the middle of the winter in Munich

Last sunday the spring was here. We walked along the Isar river.

The Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) welcomes the feeling of spring and warming sunshine.

We were not alone. Thousands of Munich inhabitants enjoyed the sunshine and made a walk along the Isar river.

or jogged...

The soft evening light was golden...

... the branches of the weeping willow looked like angel hair.

Munich can be beautiful!



Took those from the train window this afternoon, no photoshopping. Don't you just love mobile internet?!


Geometric street

All these pics are from Sunday. I'm currently fascinated with geometric forms and shadows.

Tomorrow I'll take the train to a small town in the black forest. I'll stay with a friend for one night and then take another train to Stuttgart where I'll attend another interview. After the interview I'll bord the train back to Leipzig. 1500 km for a 90 minute interview. This is normal for me, I don't really think about it.


Sunday bordering on perfection

I have to admit it, I was pondering the question if I should post these pictures, because I didn't want to make Chris cry again. But she asked for the pictures (comment on yesterdays post) so they come:

A perfect Sunday needs a visit to Starbucks (or a nice café if there isn't any Starbucks). Luckily Leipzig has two Starbucks' and I prefer the two floor shop, since you sit quite undisturbed on the top floor and can watch people and ponder things. Which I did as you can see. I had a major breakthrough last night and I needed to think it through and Starbucks is perfect for this. And I got into a chat with "my" barista and he gave me another idea of where to apply, I'm not talking a Starbucks position. I LOVE Starbucks.

These haven't been all pictures, I shot oh, about 95, but who's counting. ;-)

Now you may ask why don't I consider this Sunday "perfect", there are three reasons:
  1. I missed Chris
  2. it's Annoying Week for me
  3. I don't go to work tomorrow
Hope you all enjoyed your Sundays, as much as I enjoyed mine. Have a good start in your next week (working or not).