I haven't seen or photographed a lot in Munich, but this will change soon enough.

Munichs Sight No. 1, the Church of Our Lady, I already took a picture of it. Though I haven't been to it, so far. Other things are more important to me at the start, like where to shop, where's the next cinema, is there a sports ground and a swimming pool? And even more important will I find new nice friends and where? How long will it take to lose my saxon accent? From all german accents it is the most unpopular and Germans like to make fun of it.

This is the Marien Square with the Town Hall in the center of Munich.


So I moved

and I like it except for the fact, that I'm offline during the night, since I haven't bought a surfstick yet.


Seeing the light: I'm finally moving out!!!

Good morning everyone. Today is the big day. I'm moving out into my own studio, 2 1/2 weeks of moving and I'm still not completely done and there are some issues to be fixed in the next weeks (finding a nice bathroom mirror, replacement of the bed on Friday, sorting the books, moving the furniture).

But I will finally live my own life!!! No discussions about what to eat, what to wear and what to do. Finally my own "castle". Wohoooooooo.

And we are having the first snow for this season today. XD Fitting since Christmas Market started yesterday evening.

Have a great day everyone.


Me at the moment, me on Wednesday

The left bowl shows how I feel at the moment, the bowl on the right shows how I'll feel on Wednesday, when I moved out!!



The Pinakothek der Moderne

My first museum visit in Munich. I enjoyed it very much!
With four major museums presenting art, works on paper, architecture and design under one roof, The Pinakothek der Moderne is one of the world's greatest collections of 20th and 21th century art.
Sunday ticket costs only 1 €!



my sweetest birthday present

When chocolate dresses up you get pralines. Handcrafted chocolates - a perfect piece of art. Look at


Happy Birthday, Chris

Since you love this blog so much, I thought it would be fun to congratulate you this way.


Zombies on the Underground - Prejudice

The Underground - my favourite means of transport - fast, on time, warm. But there is something weird about it - I haven't seen one happy or smiling face on the tube - not a single one. Everyone wears the expression on the upper picture. Is everyone frustrated in this city, is there nothing funny around here? I love to laugh and when I think of something nice, I will show it to the world and not hide it.

Why did I look even more sad then the people on the tube yesterday? Me and my boyfriend were dining at an asian eatery. At the next table sat a young couple, maybe they were 20. Both agreed that they would never ever accept someone from eastern germany as a friend on facebook. (Eastern Germany or the "New Federal States" were reunited with Westgermany in 1990. Funny thing we just celebrated 20 years of the German Reunion. You would've thought, that there isn't a border in the heads anymore. )
Ossis are lazy and she would prefer to marry someone from India than an Ossi ("Ossi" is a term for people from the east of Germany, "Wessi" is for people from the West of Germany. When used than they are deprecative.)

They didn't notice that we are from Eastgermany. It makes me feel anxious, that young people have such prejudices. I'm pretty sure that they never met an Ossi or even talked to one. Cross your fingers for me, that this was an exception and not everyone in Munich/Bavaria thinks this way.


(translation by San - italian writing added by San)


Combined efforts

Every now and then we (Chris & San) are hitting the road together to take special pictures. 
Since I (San) have also a Style Blog (on headwear) I often need pics of me and sometimes it's better to get them taken by a person and not just the camera with timer and tripod. The above picture is from our Spy Shoot. I brought the idea and clothes and Chris brought camera and editing. I really hope you like it.

There will be much more combined projects to come, so watch out for them.

San (and Chris)


today is the day - welcome to Munich

Right now i'm on the motorway A 9 - enroute for Munich. Not alone...with a really nice carpool and good music. Leipzig is also the driver's hometown. He works since two years in Munich.



Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig - Völkerschlachtdenkmal

The Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig is the largest memorial complex in Europe, with a viewing platform 91 metres above ground. It was erected to commemorate the Battle of the Nations of 1813. Germany remembers the victory of the european army against Napoleon.
Architect: Bruno Schmitz. Construction period: 1898 - 1913.



the night is colorful

This is Lössnig. A part of the city Leipzig ... and the Silbersee (Silverlake)


Leipzigs skyscraper by night

I love to take pictures of buildings. They don't talk back or can go away. ;D


Changing the subtitle soon

Noch trägt unser Fotoblog den Untertitel Leipzig - Leipzig, aber in ein paar Tagen ist es soweit, ich werde meine Heimatstadt verlassen und nach München ziehen. Hier ein paar Bilder von Leipzig, die ich grad zur Hand hatte:

This blogs subtitle is still Leipzig-Leipzig, but in a few days I'll leave my hometown and move to Munich. Here I've got a few pictures of Leipzig for you:

Der Augustusplatz, ein zentraler Platz in Leipzigs Innenstadt. Du kannst unsere Oper sehen.

The Augustus Square is one of several squares of Leipzig downtown. You are looking toward our opera house.

Der Bayrische Platz darf nicht fehlen, da ich ja nach Bayern ziehe...

Not to forget the Bavarian Square, now that I'm moving to Bavaria...

Der Eingang des alten Messegeländes. Seit ein paar Jahren haben wir vor den Türen der Stadt ein großes, modernes, neues Messegelände.

The entrance to the old trade fair area. A few years back a new and modern trade fair center was built at the northern city limits.

(Translation by San)


This is me, Chris

Hallo ihr da draussen. Das bin ich, Chris. Ich bin neu hier. Meine Freundin San hat mich dazu eingeladen mit ihr einen gemeinsamen Photoblog zu starten. Das ist eine neue Erfahrung für mich, meine Fotos für jedermann sichtbar zu machen. Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie er sich entwickelt wird. Seid auch gespannt...

Hello everyone out there. This is me, Chris. I'm new to blogging. My best friend San invited me to publish a photoblog together. It's a new experience for me to show my photography to everyone. I'm excited to see how it will develop, I hope that you are too...