Keep Japan in Mind - Friday

In times like these, things happen fast and the things that happened a few weeks ago are forgotten.
(I'm embarrassed to say this, but the german media is mourning the death of a polar bear at the Berlin Zoo at the moment. Can you believe it?)

To keep Japan and its citizens struggles in our minds, I had the idea of the "Keep Japan in Mind - Friday"

The idea is pretty easy for the next weeks I will post pictures of things that I associate with Japan. I'd love it, when you would join the fun. Fun being the operative word in this case. (Just you wait and see my first picture. LoL)

So, are you with Japan and me?!


  1. Your Japanese readers might be interested in the pertinent question of how to treat their radioactively contaminated drinking water:

  2. Liebe San,

    Deine Idee finde ich sehr gut! Den kommenden Freitag werde ich wohl noch nicht einsteigen können, aber wenn mein Kopf ein klein wenig freier ist, würde ich auch gerne einen kleinen post beisteuern...
    Was heißt bis Samstag? Bist Du am Samstag noch da?

    Lg Chris

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