for Chris and all other artists among us

Leipzigs BOESNER Artists supply store.

To shop there you have to register. So since Saturday I'm proud to call myself a freelance artist.

BOESNER stores are Heaven and Hell combined. Heaven: because you get literally every art supply you could think of, and strolling and foraging are not only allowed, but wished for (Not so in another art supply store in the city. There you are always looked upon as if you would steal, I hate that store.).
Which brings us to the Hell part: most of us operate on a budget, so you have to choose and can't buy everything at once. Grrr. I could've easily spend a few hundred Euros in there. But I didn't. I just got a sketching pad, a few artists coloured pencils (oh my, I'm in love with them), a stack of empty postcards (so I can get creative on them) and a special envelope box to contain my smaller drawings (I already have an A3 map, but this is crap for A5 or postcards). All of that together made a "nice" sum, but it was soooo worth it.

And in case that you are interested in my drawings:

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  1. Diesen Hintergrund behalten wir!!! Sehr gut ausgesucht.

    Lg Chris