The end of the photo exhibition F/STOP?

What will happen to F/STOP?

It's an annual international festival of contemporary photography in Leipzig.
The first F/STOP was held in 2007 and it seems that the 4th exhibition in 2010 was the last one (?)

The reason: not enough money.

Leipzig is a cosmopolitan and lively city, where the art and artists have the possibility to develop. It's a pity, that new concepts fail because of the lack of funds.

Why is F/STOP so special for me?

The ever changing and unusual exhibtion locations: old fair houses, empty shops, pubs, old factory complexes like the "Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei", they even used private apartments.
To me it is the perfect mixture of contemporary photographic art, international artists and guests, the city of Leipzig and their people.

(San kissed by the muse. I took the photo in the fair house ("Leipziger Ring-Messehaus").

I hope this festival of photographic art will survive and come back in 2012!
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  1. Danke für diesen Ausflug und die Informationen. Tolle Bilder ! Das letzte ganz wunderbar. Nur gutes und freundliches auf euren Wegen.

    daily athens

  2. Der Direktor des Festivals Christine Dittrich, die diese Veranstaltung organisiert und es ist gut in meinem Land bekannt.
    Seine Aktivitäten werden organisiert Ausstellungen sind immer interessant und attraktiv.
    Habt ein schönes Wochenende.

  3. Ich bin einverstanden: das letzte is wirlick aussergewöhnlich gut