Sticky post: Hoping for the people of Japan

We hope for the people of Japan. 
We hope that the aftershocks fade fast and that the damage and deathtoll are lower than estimated. We especially feel for the people in Sendai, a city we haven't known before this quake and that was hit so hard by the quake and then the tsunami. And we really hope the best for the people who are missing, may they be found alive and in good health and spirits. 

Have a save week everyone and hopefully without the loss of a dearly beloved person. 

Picture was taken by Chris


  1. Viele Leute hier sprechen über die Erdbeben, oft nicht in der Lage zu erklären, was sie fühlen.
    Das stärkste was ich bis jetzt hier erlebt habe waren 4,3 R vor ein paar Jahren.

    Alles erdenklich Gute.

  2. a really touching thought about the disaster that continues to happen in Japan
    did you shot this picture THIS YEAR ??
    please have a great week

  3. ...übrigens geht es Kenji und seiner Familie gut

  4. Hi, Chris, San and Li!
    Thanks a lot for all your tender messages and supports!
    I really appreciate all your kindness.
    Many thanks from Japan ;)

  5. That is a posting with meaning!
    Great text and photo.

    Gunn / Stavanger /Norwegen