New terrain

New terrain, without a prewalked path. So much more exciting and interesting than the paved roads most people take these days. I might be slower, take detours, stumble, fall flat on my face, but it is my own way. MY VERY OWN LIFE. I want to see and experience different things. I don't want to do what most people do. Sometimes I tend to forget this, I get caught up in the lifeplan of a different, a usual person. And then comes a wakeup call and I'm reminded that I have my own mind, my own way of thinking and living and that I should stay true to myself. I got this call on Friday.
These last weeks I lived the life of a different person. I told myself that I'm fine, that everything is fantastic. I succeeded in making myself believe that it was the right thing for me. Looking back now, I know it wasn't. I got caught up in a different persons life. Now I'm back to finding my own way. Taking it slowly, step by step, hour by hour, day by day and feeling like myself again.
Thanks dear Universe.

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  1. It sounds like a really good place to be - finding your "own way. Taking it slowly, step by step.." Sometimes it's so easy to find you are hurtling along on a completely different track that you don't remember choosing. I like the idea of a place without a prewalked path