Sickness + Vacation + Wiesn = Bloggers Silence

Apologies for those two weeks of silence, but as the title states Chris and I had several reasons for our no-show on this very blog.

I've been on vacation for almost 2 weeks without computer* and as I got back I had to battle my cold**. Chris first was on vacation (in Leipzig when I was away, it was planned in another way but... life kinda interfered with our plans... well, my plans anyway) and then the madness called "Wiesn" or "Oktoberfest" started in Munich, so...

This pic was taken at the beach of the Darss in March this year. I will publish pictures of my vacation in Austria here soon.

That's it for today. Hope all of you are well and wishing you a wonderful day/week.

** Still am sick, but it's getting better.

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  1. Two weeks vacation, with camera sounds like bliss, even if it wasn't actually the way you had planned it. Happy belated birthday by the way - I hope you celebrated in style. Looking forward to more photos of your holiday and hope your cold has nearly gone by now.