Whitecube - photographic fun

On May 1st, Chris and I (San), took part in a fun photography/art experiment called "WhiteCube Photobox" in Leipzigs "Spinnerei" during the Spring Open Day.

WhiteCube is a project invented by four friends, Butow and Kata Maler, Nina Müller and Ragnar Gischas. The intention of WhiteCube is to bring people into contact with art and the creation of art by themselves. How does it work? Well, there is a closed off room with three accessories per event and a camera which is released by remote control from outside the room. The person(s)/artist(s) can use the provided accessories or some that they have on them, to express themselves in their very own way, without being observed or influenced by the photographer. As a matter of fact, the photographer will see pictures only after the day/event is over and then the pics will be published in the "WhiteCube Galerie".

Chris and I went into the room alone first. Funny thing, I consider myself quite creative, but when I was alone in the room nothing came to my mind. Being creative under pressure without much room to move is actually quite hard for me. Chris found it equally hard to come up with something. Anyway, we created our pics and left to visit the open galleries. Want to see our "Stand - Alone - Pictures"? You find them here:,3,R,9 See if you can find us. The pics of the other people are astonishing, especially the little girl is amazing.

While walking through the galleries, Chris and I talked about our WhiteCube experience and we came up with some ideas for doing this together. So we went back and here they are:

(c) All rights reserved for these pictures.

The accessories of May 1st were: the guitar, the puppet arms and the chair. Since Chris and I are photographers, we naturally had our cameras with us. ;-)

We certainly had fun doing this together. In case you want to do this too, you definitely have the chance to do so, the next dates for this are:

21. Mai 2011, Underdock, Bremen
Never Mind The Mainstram - Here's The Underdock

01. August 2011, Entwicklungsraum, Osnabrück
Eröffnung der Galerie Entwicklungsraum

Thanks to Nina and Ragnar for taking our pictures on May 1st and sending them to us.

By the way Nina and Ragnar are opening their very own photography gallery "Entwicklungsraum" on August 1st in Osnabrück.

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  1. Liebe San!

    Danke für diesen tollen post. Es hat riesig viel Spaß mit Dir im White Cube gemacht - der ganze Tag war schön! Danke! Bis ganz bald.