Keep Japan in Mind - Friday

In times like these, things happen fast and the things that happened a few weeks ago are forgotten. To keep Japan and its citizens struggles in our minds, I had the idea of the "Keep Japan in Mind - Friday". The idea is pretty easy for the next weeks I will post pictures of things that I associate with Japan. I'd love it, when you would join in the fun. Fun being the operating word in this case.

For this week I choose:

My japanese-german dictionary. As I've said last week, I'd like to learn japanese. I bought this dictionary on December 23rd, 2010.

Best of luck to all the Japanese citizens, who lost so much on March 11th. You will make it. 

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  1. Hab' ich auch ;) Zusammen mit einem Handbuch für Kanji seit anderndhalb Jahren tägliche Freunde.