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What is it that you love to find in your mailbox? If you are like me, then a huge smile brightens up your face when you find a postcard in your mailbox. Nowadays what I find most often is either an empty mailbox :( or worse crappy advertising :(((

Luckily, two days ago I found the remedy for this sadness: postcrossing. It's absolutely awesome! 
It's an international community of people who send each other postcards. The fun factor is that you neither know who you will send your next cards to until you have drawn their name, nor do you know from whom you will get cards "in return". There are whole school classes participating in this! It's a perfect way to learn geography and history and find penpals all over the world, I guess. (Certainly easier than back in the 1990ies.)

There are a lot of people who collect postcards, stamps or fridge magnets. I don't collect any of them, I am much more interested in the people and their dreams. So in my profile I asked them to write me their "crazy" ideas for a positive future, instead of requesting special kinds of postcards.

What puzzles me is that a lot of the postcrossers seem to dislike handmade cards. Personally I would totally appreciate a handmade card. I mean think about it... There is a person, somewhere on this planet, who sits down and creates something special and unique for another person, that he or she doesn't know yet and will probably never meet. Just to give this other person the pleasure of finding a nice surprise in their mailbox. This is AWESOME.

The first countries I drew were the USA, China, Russia, Finland and the Netherlands. (At the start 5 is the maximum of cards you can send.) I send out my cards (one with my swirls and 4 normal single views of Leipzig) yesterday, average travel time is 15 days, so I might receive my first card by the end of next week or the week after that. Since I really hope that it is from a far away place (like South Korea or Patagonia), I probably have to wait longer. ;) Ahh, the agony of waiting. ;)))

So, are any of you lovely readers postcrossers, too? Or do you collect something? And what are your "crazy" dreams for a positive future?

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