Keep Japan in Mind - Friday

In times like these, things happen fast and the things that happened a few weeks ago are forgotten. To keep Japan and its citizens struggles in our minds, I had the idea of the "Keep Japan in Mind - Friday". The idea is pretty easy for the next weeks I will post pictures of things that I associate with Japan. I'd love it, when you would join in the fun. Fun being the operating word in this case.

For this week I choose:

Natsumi. Well, that's the name I gave this candle, which was a gift from Chris. Thanks again. The candle is standing on my window sill, reminding me everyday of my goal of learning to speak Japanese fluently.

Best of luck to all the Japanese citizens, who lost so much on March 11th. You will make it.


  1. Cute!
    Are you learning Japanese?
    Ganbatte! :))

    Anatagatano magokoro nipponno minnani tsutaemasu.
    Kokoroyori Arigatou!!

    Best regards, Kenji

  2. Was für eine niedliche Kerze ;) Meine steht auch auf dem Fensterbrett und soll für gute Laune sorgen.

    Lg Chris

  3. Surely your kindness, all should arrive in Japan.

    Thank you. :,-)

    Natsumi-means beautiful summer.

    Next summer in Japan, I pray a beautiful thing.