First traces of winter

The current temperature in Leipzig is 0°C or 32°F. However on the first glance outside you'd think it is warm with the sun shining brilliantly and the green woods and the moon (first pic). The second glance reveals that it is really cold: hoarfrost. Brrr, Baby it's getting cold outside. However looking again, on third glance you realize it is still a really beautiful day.

In any case seeing this hoarfrost and feeling the cold when I ventilated my studio, made me switch my wardrobe from summer to winter. Getting out my sweaters and stuff. And I even slept with my thick planket this night. Which was nice and comfy. Last but not least I turned on the heating.

What are you doing this weekend?

Mine is chock-full with things to do. One very important thing is recovery time for my muscles. Meaning I will eat a lot of fish, do some yoga, trink tons of magnesium and use other muscles than the ones I need to walk. Meaning I will use my bike instead of walking or using the bus. I will also take some pictures* at another nice graveyard in Leipzig, I've been planning to do so for months now. But I think tomorrow would be fantastic to do so. In any case there is some creative** and Starbucks time planned too.

Make your weekend magical.

* Lomographic and digital, there is still a nearly filled film in my Lomo with pics from my Austria vacation...
** read: drawing time

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  1. nice perspective!

    well, you have to take care not to catch cold :)
    Have a lovely weekend time, friend!