21 years of FREEDOM, 22 years since the Pan-European Picnic

Today is a very special day for us Germans. We celebrate the 21st Anniversary of our reunion. 21 years of freedom, that's more than half of my life. ;-)

I celebrate this day with sending out postcrossing cards all over the world (to Taiwan, Russia, Brazil and the UK to just name a few of the countries) just because I have the freedom to do so. And with posting this picture of the memorial place of the Pan-European Picnic at the border between Austria and Hungary. I've been to this place just a few days ago and it definitely moved me. I'm really grateful for the freedom that I enjoy now. The freedom to study what I want to study, the freedom to travel wherever I want to go to and to read whatever I want to read, the freedom to speak my mind, the freedom to be me and to live unharmed.

Even today, this freedom can't be taken for granted. There are still many countries in this world where this is still not possible. And I hope for the people in those countries that they will find the strength to fight peacefully (if possible) for their rights and succeed in it and become free people. We've seen tremendous changes this year with the Arab Spring. I'm really happy for the people who are now free and I cross my fingers for them to make the ongoing changes for the better in their countries peacefully.


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