The end of the tunnel

I took this in Wolkenburg under railbridge. Lovely isn't it?

++ And now a bit of shameless selfpromotion, new products in my DaWanda-Shop. ;) ++

This is an A5 drawing of mine, I called it "Farbliche Leichtigkeit" (colourful lightness).

If you want to buy it, you'll find it here:
(15€ + shipping)

The second new product is a set of three A4 drawings. I called the set "3 Farben Grün-Blau-Schwarz" (3 colours green-blue-black).

If you want to buy the set, you'll find it here:
(33€ +shipping)

Yeah, I know I have to work on the titles. However these are original drawings and when do you get something like this for such a price like this?!

++ End of the selfpromotion! ++

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone!

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  1. Der Tunnel bringt die Leichtigkeit erst wirklich zum Leuchten. Gelungen.