The beauty of a wooden castle entrance

I took this picture in Wolkenburg (Saxony) at their castle. I have an even better picture, but that I will post on my own blog

The Wave-Gothic-Meeting has blown over without me taking even one picture of those amazing people and their costumes. Yeah, you could say I stayed true to my nature with not photographing people. However I found out that there is a term for the kind of style I'm going for clothingwise, it's called Steampunk. I love it, I think I finally found my people. ;-) At least clothingwise, can't say so for the music. XD A really good Steampunk gallery you find here:
For a gallery of stunning costumes from the Wave-Gothic-Meeting look here:

Instead I went on a guided boattour last evening, which was entertaining and eyeopening. I know this is a bit mean to say, when Chris is so homesick, but I really love Leipzig and it becomes more amazing every day. Leipzig has been one of the richest cities in Germany before World War II. We have a huge waternetwork and it's becoming even bigger. They already put the watersigns up for a way that will be free from 2016!!! Yes, in 2016 you'll be abled to paddle from the big lakes in the south all the way through the city up too the Auenlake in the north. How amazing is that?! We've got amazing architecture all throughout the city, our wetland woods are going right through the city (10 minutes of walking from the city center!), cultural festivals galore (Bach, Wave-Gothic-Meeting, this year we have a Mahler Festival) and slowly we are gaining speed when it comes to business too. I tell you loud and proud (for I was born and raised in this city) LEIPZIG IS TRULY AWESOME!

And I really want to help my city to get back on track and help it get ahead of cities like Munich and Stuttgart.

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