Zombies on the Underground - Prejudice

The Underground - my favourite means of transport - fast, on time, warm. But there is something weird about it - I haven't seen one happy or smiling face on the tube - not a single one. Everyone wears the expression on the upper picture. Is everyone frustrated in this city, is there nothing funny around here? I love to laugh and when I think of something nice, I will show it to the world and not hide it.

Why did I look even more sad then the people on the tube yesterday? Me and my boyfriend were dining at an asian eatery. At the next table sat a young couple, maybe they were 20. Both agreed that they would never ever accept someone from eastern germany as a friend on facebook. (Eastern Germany or the "New Federal States" were reunited with Westgermany in 1990. Funny thing we just celebrated 20 years of the German Reunion. You would've thought, that there isn't a border in the heads anymore. )
Ossis are lazy and she would prefer to marry someone from India than an Ossi ("Ossi" is a term for people from the east of Germany, "Wessi" is for people from the West of Germany. When used than they are deprecative.)

They didn't notice that we are from Eastgermany. It makes me feel anxious, that young people have such prejudices. I'm pretty sure that they never met an Ossi or even talked to one. Cross your fingers for me, that this was an exception and not everyone in Munich/Bavaria thinks this way.


(translation by San - italian writing added by San)

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  1. Oh San that is so sad indeed (love the illustration). I guess this is posted by Chris, translated by San, have I got that right?

    My brother was one of the first people to be in Berlin as an American - he's a musician and is in Pink Floyd (his name is Jon Carin if you want to google him - it's all on wikipedia) and he's on tour now with Roger Waters - 'The Wall' - it's all about tearing down walls.

    You (San) always leave the kindest, most supportive comments, and I was thinking lately that I don't visit the blogs enough that visit mine. I don't know you personally but I just think that is just so horrible to experience. I mean, for goodness sake, I grew up on Long Island, I'm mostly Jewish, and it's not like I'm not going to have German friends because of what happened 60 years ago. I have very dear friends who are from Munich and Bavaria, and in fact when I was studying in Denmark during college, went to Munich and stayed in the most fantastic tent/hostel where we were talking with German students who felt worst about WW2 than we did.

    I just feel sick to think that this is still going on with younger generations. LET IT GO. Life's too short.

    On a separate note, you said you were procrastinating packing to move - from where to where, may I ask?